Proud to Be Hottest

Proud to Be Hottest

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

. : .How Much Mean To mE. : .

We were so in love that day..
You swept me off my feet leaving me with nothing to say..
No bad feelings to feel no hatred in my heart..
That day nothing could tear us apart..
There was no reason to feel loneliness or despair..
Because you were there I knew you cared..
When I'm with you all my problems disappear..
I can't seem to think straight whenever you’re near..
I know I'm lucky to have you in my life..
To keep me from feeling pain or strife..
When I'm alone all I think about is you..
When I wake up in the morning or have nothing else to do..
You’re the last thing I think about at night..
And when I fall asleep I dream of holding you tight..
I love you so much I hope you see..
How much you really mean to me...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

. : .PraKtiKaL. : .

hi everyone,
lame dh x tulis kt blog ni. emm..nk citer ckit psal praktikal sbb x dpt update ape2 kt fb..x dpt nk post status..nk komen status org pun x dpt..haish..ape kene nth fb aku tuh..

dh sminggu aku praktikal kt kelantan. mase first day tu..amat2 la nerves nye tp ok la coz cikgu kt cni sume baik2 n ramah2..hehehe
aku dpt guru pembimbing yg da bes la kt sek ni sbb die guru cemerlang. so..kene korek2 ilmu byk2 dr die..mane thu one fine day..aku dpt title guru cemerlang gak nnti..ahaks..

so far duk kt cni..bes..makanan yg murah..air sirap 50 sen je..hohoho..sgt jimat compared kt za'ba tuh..huhuhu

ape2 pun..nxt week aku dh start ngajar..waaa..agak neves even aku dpt form 1 je..hehehe..

kla..nnt aku update lg..

miss u..rafie..ngehehe