Proud to Be Hottest

Proud to Be Hottest

Saturday, February 6, 2010

. : .HearT n SouL. : .

I can't tell you why I love you
There are no reasons I can give
I just know that since I met you
I'm so happy just to live
In this world beside you
Even though we're far apart
There is no time or space between us
Just the bonding of our hearts
I cherish moments I am with you
Unspoken words, feelings strong
Being there beside you
Is the place that I belong
I look into your eyes
And there's just knowing, it's so true
Our souls touching once again
Our love is flowing through
Like blood runs through our veins
We cannot live without
The life force that is you and I
A love that has no doubt
And I just want you to know
That wherever you may be
A part of me is with you always
My heart and soul
And you with me

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