Proud to Be Hottest

Proud to Be Hottest

Sunday, February 20, 2011

. : .Don't You CrY-------->Taecyeon. : .

don't you cry..coz we will always support you..

little by little
I've come to this point
on my own I've been searching my way
I lost you so early
the days went so fast
you don't know I prayed every day

a song to remember
a song to forget
you'll never know how I tried
to make you proud
and to honor your name but
you never told me goodbye

don't you cry
or suffer over me
I will be waiting for you
don't you cry
angels never fade away
I'll be watching over you
see you through
I'm feeling you still
could it be you were there all along
a time to surrender
a time to forgive
with solace I give you this song..

don't u bother with some people who are blaming u for nothing. the real hottest still support you..

*picture kredit to the owner

p/s its so sad to know dat there's people who are blaming him for what happen to jay..(T_T)

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