Proud to Be Hottest

Proud to Be Hottest

Sunday, January 23, 2011

. : .A BreaK in a Relationship. : .

There are times when a relationship reaches a point where one or both partners feel the need for some space and want a break from each other, believing that a break will do the relationship good. Can taking time apart from each other help your relationship or is taking a break simply a way to avoid certain issues that will still be there waiting for you when you get back together?

is it true taking a break can help your relationship? sbb kalo betul..aku nak try..huhu.

byk artikel yg aku bace cakap a break in a relationship sometimes save it. emm..nth la. bagi aku ade pro n cons. taking a break mmg akan wt relationship tu akan jd stronger IF pasangan tu dh realize salah masing2.

tp taking a break gak leh menyebabkan kite or partner kite decides not to continue the relationship...haaa..kalo ni terjadi..sape yg akan duk meraung sorg2..huhuu.

tp..artikel ni plk cakap:

Some of us forget why we fell in love or our life has become burdensome and we just need to take a break from everything. A relationship break is not the end of the world. Sometimes a break is just the beginning as it leads to a more promising and fulfilling relationship in the future. A relationship break can cause us to realize that our partner is truly the love of our life.

p/s: mak confius...huhu

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